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Punta Tresino
84048, Castellabate
tel.: 0974965136

about us


Mario Corrado Budetta and Ida, born in Salerno 1965 and 1972 graduates at the Politecnico di Torino, Architecture, and the Faculty of Law of Salerno.
we live in Punta Tresino since 1999 with our three children: Alice was born in 2000, the Moon in 2002 and Mark in 2004, two horses, Furiosa and Indios, Jorge a dog, and two cats, Giulietto and Romeo.
we have chosen to live in synergy with this place, untouched as 1000 years ago, initially without electricity and telephone, because we love the nature, the Cilento, viticulture.

Azienda Agricola San Giovanni
Punta Tresino 84048 Castellabate SA, tel. e fax: 0974965136
sede legale: via G. V. Quaranta 8 84100 Salerno, tel. 089224896, fax 0892754259
p.iva 04049400650, c.f. CRRMRA65B09H703S